Deep Holistic Therapies

We can always begin again
— Jack Kornfield


Massage brings both immediate and long term rejuvenation to the physical and emotional body. Here are the treatments we offer.


Remedial/Therapeutic Massage

This deep tissue massage helps relieve pain in specific areas. Gentle to deep pressure levels are used depending on what your needs are and the condition of the muscles. This deeply relaxing massage is perfect for anyone needing to de-stress. We recommend an epsom salts bath the evening after your massage as this will allow a good dose of magnesium into the muscles and will assist in clearing away lactic acid.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a combination of remedial techniques and energy healing using reiki and tibetan singing bowls. The use of these combined techniques throughout the massage balances the bodies subtle energies, releasing physical and emotional tension and stress.

Hot Stone Massage

This wonderful massage uses beautiful  stones sourced from New Zealand, Australia and Bali , along with warm oil . The Hot stones are stragecially placed on the body and  massaged deeply into the muscle tissue, creating a release that transcends the potential of traditional massage. This very nurturing treatment relaxes the entire nervous system, providing a feeling of deep calm
1 hr $95, 75 mins $115, 90 mins $130

Pregnancy Massage

This work focus on the special needs of the mother to be as her body goes through the changes leading up to childbirth. it enhances the function of the muscles and joints , improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.
Touch is vital to the mothers physical and emotional well being as she adapts to her new body image, and  the deep sense of relaxation  and stillness this massage brings allows any
anxieties to wash away and is the perfect time time for some mother & baby bonding.
Pregnant women can lie on their side, and we also have the Belly Pillow that is specifically designed for pregnancy massage , allowing you to lie on your front in a fully supported position  while easing any pressure on your back.


30 min- $50
45 min- $70
60 min- $90
75 min- $105
90 min- $120