Deep Holistic Therapies

Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

Alex began her studies in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition in 1998, and has been a registered Herbalist since 2001. Alex came to study herbs after a successful career as a chef, graduating top of her class at the Cordon Bleu Culinary College and enjoying ten years in the kitchen. Her knowledge and love of food and nutrition and desire to help others led her to study the healing power of plants and herbs.

It was during the first year of her studies in Herbal Medicine that she realized the huge healing potential of the plants that she was being introduced to. Every system in the body, from Reproductive to Nervous System can benefit from the support of Herbal Medicine.

Spending five years at Bayside Natural Health Centre in Double Bay, and her exposure to a diverse range of clients and conditions led to a continuation of learning of Natural Medicines: what works and why. She developed a no nonsense approach to her patients and cared for them so that they can heal completely. Rather than over-prescribing dozens of supplements she believes there is a more natural approach to treating the presenting condition by looking at foods, lifestyle, sleep patterns, stress, exercise and a complete patient history. In late 2006 Alex decided to open her own clinic in Bondi, Deep Holistic Therapies. As well as maintaining the busy Therapeutic Massage business, she consults in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Bach Flower Essences. Alex aims to inform the patient and educate them on what she will be prescribing and why to give them a real understanding of their condition and how to take care of themselves. Alex’s clinic offers full consultations or you can also pop in for a mini consult or chat and she can prescribe Natural Medicines to you on the spot.



Initial consultation $90


"Over the years Alex has treated me with Herbs and Supplements foreverything from recurrent cold and flu, to PMS, and care during my pregnancies. Her down to earth approach and network of referrals to other Health Professionals is fantastic. A little gem." Mrs P Swift.